Multi Use Games Area


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Multi Use Games Area


Multi Use Games Area

We have installed a multi use games area and these are designed and specified to meet playing characteristics for varied sports including football, netball, tennis and basketball. The sport courts can vary in size, dimensions and measurements because of restrictions on site but the most common dimensions are 38m x 18m or 35m x 17m which allows all the sport line marking to be installed onto the pitch.

A multi use games area is a sport surface which can be used for a range of sporting activities. They're very popular in the a lot of UK schools and leisure centers because they allow many sports to be played in one area and facility. They are great for areas which do not have enough space to have individual courts for each sport. There are different types of MUGAs which could be used for a range of different activities; it is important to decide upon the type of sports you want to play on the area before having one installed so that you are sure that the correct surface is installed for the sports you want to play.

The rebound sport court fencing is usually 3m high but in certain areas the height of the twin bar weldmesh fence may be extended to 5m high to prevent children and kids climbing this enclosed perimeter fence. Our installers closest to you can offer the best fencing across the UK making your facility stand out to others local to you and within surrounding areas.

The sports court surfaces on the games areas differ dependent upon the primary sport but in general the sport surfaces are macadam Bitmac tarmac type 1 + 2 MUGAs, polymeric sports surfacing type 3 + 4 MUGAs and lastly a type 5 surface which includes sand filled synthetic turf, sand dressed AstroTurf and 3G artificial grass. We often install macadam MUGA's for different sport and leisure facilities, so please have a look at this

These are all porous flooring options making them all weather pitches. The majority of sports court multi-use games areas near me are floodlit which allows the facility to then be rented out at night because the floodlights allows the sports court to be lit during the dark nights which is usually enclosed by a rebound fence. For more details on the variety of surfaces available, please fill in the enquiry form on our website.


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